Floor Pan Installation

  • When installing floor pans, gas tank and gas lines should be removed. Cut out existing rotted area, using a plasma cutter, wiz cutter or sawsall. Then lay in new floor pan, rough mark and cut new floor pan to fit. Allow a 3/4" overlap, then grind all edges of the existing floor where you are going to be doing the welding above and underneath. Do only one section at a time. Clamp with C-clamps if possible. Mark where floor braces are from underneath car. Then drill 1/4" hole in new pan so you can plug weld new pans to existing floor braces. Try to do plug welding first, then tack outer edges to existing floor, hammering edges as you go. A small porta-power of hydraulic jack can be helpful underneath car as you are tacking in pans. Next, weld up solid, hammer seams from underneath, tack weld and seam seal (3 M brushable seam sealer is the best to use).
  • Inner and Outer Rocker Installation

  • When installing inner and outer rockers, have car jacked up about 2 feet off the floor and position four (4) jack stands (2 under rear end and 2 under front control arms). This is how the car sits when on the ground. Align doors so you have an even gap at the quarter panel and rocker panels-don't worry about the gap at the front front fenders, as they are adjustable. If you are working on a very rusted convertible, you will probably have to jack up and support the body from underneath to get the gaps on doors. You should also support the upper windshield frame from the visor brackets to against the floor under the back seat. We can supply a fully adjustable set of these braces which will lift the windshield and cowl back to its original position for $75.00 a set.

  • After windshield and cowl braces are in and door gaps are good, you can start cutting out the inner rockers. Try to leave the outer rockers connected at the top so you can keep a check on the door gaps as you're doing the job. IT IS VERY CRITICAL THAT YOU KEEP THE DOORS ON THE CAR when welding the inner rockers, make sure the inner rockers are on the same angle as the old ones. This is done by welding the existing floor braces to the new inner rockers. Tops of inner rockers can be plug welded from above. Now you can do your floor pan work as described above. After floors are done, loosen up on the windshield and cowl braces and any body stands under the car. You should still have a good door gap if you do, snug up windshield and cowl braces again and resupport body. Cut out old rockers and install new ones. remember to check door gaps and repair quarter panels as needed.

  • When you have all the welding done, remove all braces and stands under body. If door gaps are good you are done. If not, you can get an adjustment by shimming the body mounts as needed. Hope this helps you out.